Music is an organic human experience that’s much more than the notes on the page. Sometimes, formal music education forgets that, but I’m all about bringing that human experience back to music. Students will learn music theory, rhythm, how to read music notation, but more importantly, how to access an authentic musical experience.

Music is an inherently joyful thing! I support and encourage students to pursue their musical tastes. Anything from Beethoven to A Tribe Called Quest is on the table! I’m here to enable students to pursue a transformative avenue of the human experience.

People often ask me if I were to pass on one piece of advice to music students. Listen to music every day! Listen to things you like! Listen to new things! Listen to music from all over the world! This is just as important as practicing! If you want to make a great cake, you’ve got to sample other cakes! Same thing with music.

I look forward to contributing to your musical journey.


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